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How to Use Reviver Electrolytes:

Remember Reviver Electrolytes are an IV in pill form without the water - so you'll need to remember to drink water when you take it!

Reviver with Alcohol

  • We recommend one (1) REVIVER capsules with your first drink, and one (1) every third drink, with AT LEAST 8 oz of water (but ideally 12-16 oz of water if possible).
  • Use up to ten (10) capsules daily. Although hopefully you're not going to drink enough to need this many😅...

Reviver in the Heat

  • We recommend one (1) REVIVER capsule every 3-4 hour in the sun and heat
  • During period where you might find yourself sweating more, we recommend taking one (1) REVIVER capsule every 1-2 hours.
  • Use up to ten (10) capsules daily.

Remember to stay safe and enjoy yourself responsibly!

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