Optimal Usage Guide - Reviver Electrolytes

Guide to Using Reviver Electrolyte Capsules

For Physical Activity (Running, Cycling, Triathlon Training, Endurance Events, CrossFit, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Hot Yoga, Weight Training, etc.)

  • 30-60 Minutes Before Activity/Event: Take 1 capsule (2 capsules for endurance activities or when you know you'll be sweating a lot) with 12+ oz of water.
  • During Activity/EventIf event will exceed 1 hour, take 1 capsule every 30-60 minutes AFTER the first hour, with water to STAY HYDRATED!
  • After Activity/Event (for Recovery): Take 1 capsule with at least 12+ oz of water!
  • Use up to ten (10) capsules daily.

For Low Carb/Keto Diet & Intermittent Fasting Electrolyte Replacement

  • 3-7 capsule daily, with 12+ oz of water per capsule
  • On a Keto diet it's generally recommended to increase sodium intake by an extra 1-2 grams per day, and potassium intake by half that amount. We recommend getting at least some of these additional electrolytes from extra salt during meals and whole foods.
  • For reference 5 Reviver Electrolyte Capsules have about 1.1 grams of Sodium and about 500 mg of potassium

🍻As a Hangover Preventative

  • Before Your First Drink: Take 1 capsule (2 capsules if it's going to be a more festive event) with 12+ oz of water.
  • During Activity: Take 1 capsule every third (3) drinks with 12+ oz of water. (*Yeah, yeah, we know. Who's going to remember to take these while you're out having fun? Before, you say anything, look at the next step)
  • After Drinking/Before Bed: If you missed any previous doses, take those now with at least 12 oz of water PER EACH capsule!
  • The recommended number of REVIVER capsules is 1-2 with your first drink, and one every third drink.
    • Use up to ten (10) capsules daily. **Let's hope you're not going to drink enough to need this many...

For Muscle/Leg Cramps or as a Dietary Supplement

This also includes individuals who tends to have low electrolyte levels or those that experience leg cramps NOT caused by exercise or vigorous activity.

  • 2-4 capsule daily, with 12+ oz of water per capsule

For Long Flights and Jet Lag

  • Take 1 capsule for every 2-3 hours of flying. The first capsule can be taken at the airport before you board, or on the plane. But please, take each capsule with AT LEAST a cup (8 oz) of water. More if you can.
  • Since humidity is kept very low on airplanes (similar to desert humidity), it's very easy to become dehydrated on flights, especially long haul flights. Drink plenty of fluids, but limit caffeine and alcohol during flights, as both can speed up dehydration.