REGAINS MAX - Natural Human Growth Hormone HGH Support Supplement Powder

  • REGAINS MAX by REVSCI is an all-natural Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Support Supplement made with an advanced blend of 5 specialized amino acids, GABA, Mucuna Pruriens, and Melatonin, which work together to stimulate the body's natural production of Growth Hormone.

    REGAINS MAX is a stronger and more concentrated version of our best-selling REGAINS HGH Support capsules, but in powder form.

    REGAINS MAX is more powerful and concentrated in the following ways:

    • Contains GABA, which has been shown to increase HGH by 400% at rest and by 200% following exercise
    • Contains Mucuna Pruriens, which is associated with increasing levels of circulating growth hormone
    • Contains 500 mcg (half of 1 mg) of Melatonin which is the minimum effective dose shown to increase GH release over 24 hours. This amount is also enough to help to improve sleep quality, but is a small enough dose that it is unlikely to build up a tolerance.
    • Each REGAINS MAX powder contains a much higher concentration of amino acids than REGAINS capsules. Each serving of REGAINS powder has the following, compared to a REGAINS capsule: 30x more L-Lysine, 20x more L-Glycine,13x more Glutamine, 7.5x more L-Arginine & 7.5x more Ornithine.

    Growth Hormone (GH) production significantly decreases with age (1), and diminished GH is responsible in part for decrease in lean body mass, increase in fat tissue, and thinning of the skin that occurs in old age (2). Adults with GH deficiency also report an increased prevalence of unhappiness, decreased energy levels, and poor quality of life (26).

    Meanwhile, higher levels of HGH, especially when paired with exercise, are associated with increased lean body mass, decreased body fat, strong bones/joints, increased athletic performance, increased metabolism, and faster recovery.

    Prepare, Perform, and Recover with Regains Max HGH Support Supplement

    Regains Max Powder HGH Supplements for Men

    Unique Scientific Formula
    Unique Scientific Formula

    Every ingredient used in Regains Max HGH Support has been scientifically researched and tested. Each component is carefully measured to ensure potency and synergy to help boost your body's natural production of growth hormone.

    Ultra-High Concentration

    Regains Max HGH is a more powerful and concentrated blend, meant for those who need a stronger push towards their workout goals.

    Regains Max HGH Support Ultra-High Concentration Growth Hormone Stimulating blend
    Regains MAX HGH Support - Natural & Non-GMO
    Natural and Non-GMO

    We never use unnecessary chemicals or fillers in our formula. Regains Max HGH Support is non-GMO, processed in a cGMP facility in the USA, and 3rd Party Tested for purity and potency.


  • Regains MAX HGH Support Easy to Mix, Delicious to Drink

    Regains MAX HGH Support - Work & Recover to the MAX

    Regains MAX by Revolution Science

  • The Science Behind the Benefits of Increased HGH

    • Increased metabolism, preference for the body to burn fat instead of carbohydrates for fuel (3, 4, 12)
    • Increase in bone mineral density and stimulates bone turnover, healing, and regeneration, as well as fracture healing (5, 6, 7, 8, 9)
    • Decrease in body fat, increase in lean body mass, increased skin thickness, increased metabolism (6,8, 10, 11)
    • Significantly reduced fat mass, and significantly increased sprint capacity in recreational athletes (13)
    • Increases matrix collagen synthesis in skeletal muscle and tendon, reinforcing the supporting connective tissue can make muscles and tendons less prone to injuries. (14, 15)
    • Increase in muscle strength in the lower body in men over 50 (16)
    • Increase muscle mass & strength in older adults (17)
    • Improvement in cognitive function in adults (18, 19)
    • Beneficial changes to lipid profile (10, 20)
    • When combined with calorie restriction GH accelerates body fat loss (when compared to placebo) and exerts anabolic effects in obese adults (21, 22)
    • Decrease in visceral fat and increase in muscle mass in Type 2 Diabetics (23)
    • In GH deficient adults, increases exercise capacity, and reduces excess visceral, abdominal, and overall body fat. Decreases ghrelin and leptin, respectively the appetite and hunger hormones. GH also led to a better quality of sleep (24, 25, 26)
    • GH may be a major factor in the maintenance of male erectile capability (27)

    REGAINS MAX Ingredients (One Serving / Scoop of Powder):

    • L-Glutamine - 2000 mg
    • L-Arginine - 1500 mg
    • L-Lysine HCl 1500 mg
    • Ornithine Alpha-Ketogluatarate - 1500 mg
    • L-Glycine - 1000 mg
    • GABA (Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid) - 1000 mg
    • Mucuna (Mucuna pruriens fruit) - 250 mg
    • Melatonin - 500 mcg / 0.5 mg

    Regains MAX is made with Non-GMO ingredients in an cGMP certified facility. Our formula is also 3rd party tested for both Purity & Potency.

    *This product does NOT contain any HGH, growth hormone, gh alternatives, HCG products, or IGF-1.

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Great product definitely helps with energy and focus and muscle building


I’m really disappointed in your product I’ve taken it for a long time and something has changed even the color it doesn’t give me lean muscle anymore

Hi Randall,

This is Lawrence, the founder of REVSCI.

In the most recent production of Regains MAX we ended up changing the flavor a bit, but I wanted to explain how and why that happened.

We had a slew of complaints about the flavor of Regains MAX tasting too "chemically". We decided to make a flavor improvement. When taste testing a new flavor, we received very positive feedback from what we thought was a large enough sample size. However, since you are clearly not enjoying the flavor, our sample size was definitely not large enough.

I'm sorry about this. I thought we were making the right decision changing the flavor, but perhaps it was a mistake.

Regardless, we have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, and I would be more than happy to refund you for your last order of Regains MAX or send other product(s) as a replacement.

Please let us know what you would like us to do, and I'll make sure we get it taken care of.

Thank You,

Eddie Camacho
Fantastic sensation

Within minutes of taking this supplement my muscles began to relax.

More energy better sleep

Less fatigue after exercise. Now able to exercise back to back days. More energy as well. I'm 55, not sure if it makes a difference in younger people.

david c hosler
Works nicely

I've used about half of this and I'm used to other products but it seems to work well except for some excessive ringing in my ears definitely caused by the product I believe it's the excess of gamma