REVIVER Advanced Electrolyte Capsules 2.0 | Rehydration, Recovery, & Cramp Prevention

'I take one cap first thing when I wake up, and it's better than coffee!! I also use these to hydrate when I run and work out, and they work very well. Can't beat the price - so much less expensive than sports drinks, and less sugar too!!'
- Rebecca L., Reviver Electrolytes User

✓ PREVENT AND STOP  muscle cramps & spasms
✓ PREVENT  exertion, dehydration, fatigue, & bonking from electrolyte loss from physical training and endurance racing 
✓ PREVENT  low electrolyte related headaches / migraines
✓ MORE  energy & increased stamina
✓ FASTER  recovery after physical activity

Maintain Peak Physical Performance & Health with REVIVER Electrolyte Salts


In 2021 we reformulated Reviver and it is now better than ever.

There are now more electrolytes packed into each capsule:

  • Increased total Sodium content to 225 mg
  • Increased total Magnesium content to 30 mg
  • Increased total Calcium content to 30 mg

Bicarbonate was added (in the form of Sodium Bicarbonate), which:

  • Is the sixth essential electrolyte in the body
  • Has been shown to offset fatigue in high intensity exercise
  • Has been shown to increase muscle coordination
  • Also helps with digestion by preventing acid reflux (i.e. heartburn), which some people experience when taking supplements on an empty stomach and/or exercise on a full stomach

Reviver 2.0 is now also entirely plant-based and Vegan friendly.

  • Previously, we used an animal-based source of Vitamin D3 derived from sheep's wool.
  • Even though this increases our costs, we decided to go with a more plant-based and sustainable source

Removed Vitamin C

  • Vitamin C is most often necessary in large doses for a specific purpose such as correcting a deficiency or boosting immunity. Most healthy individuals only need the FDA Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) of 75-90 mg. This is easily attained in a normal diet, so lower amounts in Reviver 1.0 did not have much of a benefit. There are also much fewer immediate benefits to physical performance with low doses of Vitamin C.
  • In addition, some Reviver users who participate/train in marathon and ultra distances can end up taking enough capsules that it can sometimes cause acid reflux.

Capsule color has changed to white

  • This was an aesthetic decision. Functionally, the old naturally green chlorophyll capsules and the new white vegetarian capsules are the same.

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